NEW Mitsubishi Kai’Li Graphite Shaft – Choose Color, Weight, Flex Built for You!



NEW Mitsubishi Kai’Li Graphite Shaft – Choose Color, Weight, Flex 

The Kai’li™ Series grows with Kai’li™ Blue, a new design that proves that intimidating power comes in more than one form. With a low
torque value similar to Kai’li™ White, the taper butt design of Kai’li™ Blue offers an active feel in the hands and slightly higher launch and
spin than Kai’li™ White – giving players two distinct playability options within the family. Kai’li™ shafts utilize Mitsubishi Chemical’s Super
Low Resin Content (S.L.R.C.) Prepreg and an MR70-reinforced tip, which combine to make Kai’li™ Blue our stablest and smoothest
blue profile yet. More responsive, more explosive, with the stability demanded by stronger swings and heavier head weights, Kai’li™
Blue is the mid-launching, mid-spinning shaft made for the modern golf athlete.
• Very Low Spin Deviation Results Across Hundreds of Swings
• Consistent Center-Face Mapping with Powerful Swings

The Kai’li™ White shaft derives its name from a blend of words that evoke the power of the ocean –  the perfect moniker for an unprecedented shaft that explores new depths of strength and performance. Kai’li™ White features a taper butt design – the first ever in
a whiteboard profile – for a feeling of smooth power in the hands. Designed to keep torque low for stable flight and tight dispersion,
Kai’li shafts feature Super Low Resin Content prepreg in the torque core for maximum feel, and are fortified with Mitsubishi Chemical’s
flagship MR70 material to retain stability. A powerful combination that proves you don’t have to sacrifice flight for feel. A true power
play, Kai’li is everything the modern golf athlete desires.
• Very Low Spin Deviation Results Across Hundreds of Swings
• Consistent Center-Face Mapping with Powerful Swings
• Low Dispersion in High Speed Swings

The Kai’li™ Family has been completed with the release of the high-launch, mid-spin Kai’li™ Red — proof positive that low torque
stability is not restricted to low-launch, low-spin performance. Indeed, the Kai’li™ Red series accomplishes super low torque
performance, comparable to its siblings White and Blue, despite producing higher launch and spin conditions. Built with aerospace-grade MR70 material for maximum strength and Super Low Resin Content prepreg for feel, Kai’li™ Red creates different
launch characteristics than Blue and White through the use of a softer tip flex and higher balance point. Kai’li™ Red is built for the
golfer seeking speed and deep power off the tee who also prefers a higher launch angle.
• Designed to be incredibly responsive and explosive to suit the modern golf athlete
• Built with MR70-reinforced tip section for maximum stability
• Softer tip flex, higher balance point, same low torque

**Red will be available January 2023!
This shaft comes built to your spec with a current model adapter and Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip. Message us immediately following purchase with:

1) Shaft length from tip to tip (not play length)
2) Current model adapter
3) Grip change / Wraps (we will do our best to accommodate)


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Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 cm

Blue, White, Red

Item Weight

50 g, 60 g, 70 g, 80 g


A, R, S, X, TX



Shaft Weight

R: 55g | S: 57g


Kai'Li Blue




Does Not Apply

Country/Region of Manufacture

United States